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The SL300 Microphone will make your life easier and recordings clearer than ever before, just one USB cable is all that's required to make the microphone ready for action, and that's included for you too! The built in Editors Keys Extreme driver takes care of the installation process. The SL300 features a dual 34mm internal shock mounted diaphragms and multifunction switches giving you unparalleled recording ability. (The switch on the left of the microphone is a 'low cut' switch, which cuts off any frequency below 200hz, whilst the switch on the right allows users to record at -10db.) This makes the microphone perfect for vocals and instrument recording.

Editors Keys SL300 Microphone & Vocal Booth

The Boom pole is a precision-balanced professional boom pole for location recording. Machined from high-grade, lightweight aluminium, the Boom pole allows you to mount your microphone securely and swivel it in a range of directions to easily follow your sound source. It has a reach of 3.3 metres and weighs 980 grams.

Rode Boom Pole 3M

Switchable directional characteristic, from normal to super cardioid with high sensitivity, especially suitable for outdoor recordings, e.g. film productions. Microphone windshield.

Img Stageline Microphone

Full size female to male XLR cable.

Microphone XLR cable