SFX & Props Rental

Dual power capable: Six internal AA batteries, we recommend using Energizer Industrial or Duracell Procell batteries. the MS12Q is capable of 2 clip igniters per cue using AA Energizer Industrial batteries. The updated 2015 MS12Q can be connected to an external 12 to 18 volt DC power source (above 2 AH is recommended) using the external battery jumper. If the MS12Q is hooked to a 12 volt SLA 2.3 ah battery the system is capable of igniting 6 clip igniters per cue. Dual firing modes: Manual transmitter and sequence transmitter. The MS12Q comes with a TCF100-12LN 100m manual transmitter. Low power internal battery warning. Overload protection to protect the cue from damage due to high current. A conformal coating is applied to the electronic components minimizing corrosion.

MS12Q Firing Sequencer

Twin rotary police light with magnetic feet and 12v plug for police car scenes, (Please note this is a special item requiring production company details and insurance)

Small Police Light

This compact smoke machine is ideal for small sets. It's 400 Watt heater has an extremely fast warm-up time and produces an impressive smoke output to provide the perfect atmosphere.

Small smoke machine

Stunt baseball ball bat with detailed latex foam

Stunt Bat

FX Light DMX sequencer used for flash FX eg Lightning, fire

DMX Stand fX Light flash

Photographic Crime Scene Number Kit

Forensic sOCO Numbers

Do not enter barrier tape

Caution do not enter tape

Police cordon tape

Police tape

Simulate broken glass with our rubber glass, actor and stunt friendly

FX Rubber glass

Dummy dome CCTV cameras with blinking red light

Dummy cCTV

Police interview tape recorder

Police tape recorder

Prop syringes for set dressing, perfect for crime scene or medical sets

Prop syringes