Camera Grip Rental

Our in house Voodoo dolly is a multi use system. Comprising of a robust precision engineered frame allowing up to payloads of 400kg making this one of the best foundations for any camera build. Front Acumen steering allows for 360 degrees rotation with the use of a removable steering handle and rear removable push bar for easy handling.. Two screw arms at the rear allow rear axle adjustment for tighter turns and for locking off round a round shots. The top aluminium tread plate is anti slip. The dolly is available with studio tires and inner track wheels or can be mounted with pneumatic tires for rough terrain. Two side step plates give extra foot space for crew. The Voodoo dolly comes ready mounted with a twin seat 360 rotatable turnstile for camera operator and 1st AC positions. The standard Mitchell mount can be used with our multiple Mitchell mount risers and accessories to configure the dolly for multiple camera position setups.

Voodoo Camera Dolly

Premium quality dolly track - part of the well-known Moy Track family, made by Dunton Cine Engineering. Tubes incorporate precision joints machined in-situ for smooth running. The aluminium dolly track variant is designed to be sturdy and lightweight – approximately 70% of the weight of the steel version, while also able to withhold approximately 20% heavier loads.

Moy Track (ALU) 8FT - 24FT

Proaim victor lIte 42'' camera cart. With handles and foot brakes. perfect for camera building OR create the perfect DIT cart with our double monitor mounts. More accessories coming soon including Robo-cups so please ask

Camera Cart 42"

The Proaim Mitchell Mount Camera Height Risers, also known as hi-hat elevates your camera setup above various Mitchell base platforms. The Risers with standard Mitchell mount attach to our voodoo Dolly and Mitchell mount products.

Camera Risers

Professional Industry Standard Mitchell Top Plate - Provides a Secure Base to mount on multi use setups including cheese plates etc.

Female Mitchell Mount Plate

Keep your dolly track corners in high visibility to crew members and avoid accidents. Set of 4.

Track Safety Cones

Levelling dolly track is a breeze with this 20 piece Paganini set.


Just wedges! Perfect for levelling dolly track on uneven surfaces.


The American alternative to Paganini's, these wooden boxes in 4 sizes are perfect platforms for levelling dolly track and multiple other uses on set and location.

Apple Boxes (Nested)

A crate of 40 pieces. 2X4 by 8 inch wooden blocks for aiding the levelling of track wedges.


The EZ Jib arm is a portable, user friendly and the most versatile Jib arm in the production industry. With a 5 foot boom, 100mm bowl as standard and a payload of 23kg .Extra attachments including 75mm stepper ring and mitchell mount options enable the jib to support 3 axis gimbals .


Convert your Mitchell Base to Bowl Heads in No Time!

Mitchell to 100mm bowl

Proaim 100mm Bowl Head Tripod Stand with Rubber Tripod Shoes | Payload - 80kg/176lb

2 Stage 100mm Bowl Tripod